In the 60s, Kammerer joined the international pharmaceutical industry over the manufacture of discharge valves for filter dryers.
Nowadays Kammerer-slide gate valves are deployed worldwide in key positions by renowned manufacturers. Wherever a challenging shut-off solution is required, Kammerer-slide gate valves are in demand and meet the highest standards.
In order to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, we consistently to develop our gates further. Collaborative cooperation with our customers and INNOVATION, is in our case not simply set as a top priority, but is also implemented.

  • Pharmaceutical raw materials
  • Pharmaceutical specialties
  • Manufacture of disinfectants
  • Glycerol production

Please note that this does hereby not pertain to a complete listing.
The application areas are diverse.

Kammerer-slide gate valves are for example deployed as charge or discharge valves in
mixers, reactors, dryers, centrifuges, etc.

We in principle also serve very specific requirements.
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