The chemical industry is one of our primary customers since the company's founding in 1946.

Starting in 1955 with slide gate valve constructions for the shut off of granules in the high vacuum range, Kammerer-slide gate valves can today be found in various areas in renowned manufacturing companies.
The variety of applications has historically resulted from the most varied specific customer requirements.

In what follows, we would like to provide you with a brief overview of the application areas of the Kammerer-slide gate valves:

  • Polymers (e.g. plastics in primary forms, synthetic rubber, synthetic fibres etc.)
  • Fine- and special chemicals (e.g. dyes and pigments, synthetic resins, synthetic lacquers, pesticides, crop protection agents, disinfectants, coating agents, printing inks, pyrolysis, pyrolysis, iron oxides etc.)
  • Glycerol production
  • Pharmaceutical raw materials
  • Fertilizers, nitrogen compounds
  • Washing and care products

Please note that this does hereby not pertain to a complete listing.
The application areas are diverse.

The Kammerer-slide gate valves are for example deployed as charge or discharge valves in
pressure conveying systems, thin film evaporators, mixers, dryers, reactors, silos, etc.

We in principle also serve very specific requirements.
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