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Food-, Feed Industry, Tobacco Industry

In the early 90s, Kammerer-slide gate valves were for the first time deployed for the shut off of coffee and cocoa dust, in the following years, the application range expanded rapidly. Kammerer-slide gate valves are today used in very different process technologies and production processes ranging from spices up to dried fruits. Kammerer-slide gate valves are since the 90s concomitantly in use in the animal feed industry.
Food as well as feed in a very fine powdery up to a granular state are very reliable blocked by our slide gate valves .

The tobacco industry has since the late 80s also opted in favour of the Kammerer-slide gate valves. The slide gate valves are for example deployed as a lock system for the steam application of the tobacco with pentane.

Please note that this does hereby not pertain to a complete list of all applications areas. They are to this end very varied.

Depending on the requirements the quick-closing valves are used.

We in principle also serve very specific requirements.
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